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For Food Service Professionals

RFC provides clear and comprehensive sustainability standards-- no need to reinvent the wheel every year-- and a clear way to build trust, excitement, and a sense of shared purpose with students. Below are some resources on sustainability in dining. Stay ahead of the curve! You can start by contacting an RFC Regional Field Organizer here.

Resources: Campus Food | Local Food | Fair Trade | Food Policy

Campus Food

**Real Food Really Works Real Food Challenge
Our own guide to effective, affordable Real Food procurement -- compiled from interviews with leaders in Real Food procurement from college & university dining programs around the country.
A Guide to Developing a Sustainable Food Purchasing Policy AASHE and Food Alliance
This guide provides a general overview for institutions of all types  universities, hospitals, municipalities, and others on how to develop, implement and promote a practical sustainable food purchasing policy.
This toolkit includes everything from ways of writing a request for proposals (RFP) to a glossary full of terms like GPO and FSMC. Check it out!
Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions ATTRA National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Focusing on Farm-to-School and Farm-to-Institution programs, this guide runs through the many benefits as well as constraints and challenges of initiating and maintaining such a program. It also discusses topics such as purchasing contracts, government programs, and implementation steps.
Building Local Food Programs On College Campus Community Alliance with Family Farmers.
Tips for Dining Administrators, Family Farmers & Student Advocates. This guide provides tangible guidance on how to conceptualize, structure, and implement food programs that support local family farmers.
A Guide to Serving Local Food on Your Menu Glynwood
A comprehensive step-by-step guide for Chefs and Food Service Professionals on how to integrate local food into their operations. Provides great advice and insider tips (including industry case studies) on how to get it done.
Resource from Yale University on food purchasing, from their Sustainable Food Project, which incorproates an organic farm on campus and educational opportunities about agriculture and food sourcing.
The Community Food Security Coalition's National Farm-to-College Program
Look here for a wealth of information on Farm-to-College programs around the country. Make sure to check out the extensive list of links and publications on the topic. Also, the site provides a number of graphs and charts for some concrete numbers.
Sustainable Food Policy Resources
Includes policy profiles of select universities and companies, reports from programs, and purchasing guides.
Sustainable Food Systems
In response to the growing demand for locally-grown and sustainable foods, Sustainable Food Systems, a unique consulting and technical assistance service, helps organizations and institutions consider and implement social, ecological and delicious modifications to their current food service delivery.

Local Food

Eat Well Guide
An online directory of local and sustainably produced food.
Will help you find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.
ATTRA's Local Food Directory
Listings for local food directories and promotional programs, searchable by state.

Fair Trade

Guide to Fair Trade - Coop America
Another colorful and comprehensive guide on the power of Fair Trade and the many products available around the world. Includes producer profiles.
Fair Trade Certified
Check this site out for all the basics on Fair Trade in the US, including a brief history, advanced FAQ on growth and change in the Fair Trade movement, as well as information on certification and specific product programs. Brought to you by Transfair, the only third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the US.
Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO) Standards
Simply put, this site provides information on the international standards that define what "fair trade" officially means.

Food Policy

Ag Observatory
A monitor of U.S. and world agriculture from the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy.
Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Tons of up-to-date information on the US [Food and] Farm Bill, including farm bill basics, legislative tracking, and action alerts, as well as links and resources for budding electoral activists.
The Trade Observatory
From the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.